Friday, February 25, 2011

New TelcoSource Feature Excites Suppliers

The latest version of the free Saas procurement platform for Telecoms and IT services has an attractive feature for the growing supplier base. Now registered suppliers in the system are identified by products served and geographic area. When a buyer is designing their free RFQ or Auction they first set up invitations for their current vendors, then TelcoSource looks at their Scope of Requirements and suggests additional vendors who may be able to satisfy the requirements. Buyers can then add those vendors to the RFP process. This feature allows buyers to expand the competitive universe for thier RFP. It also allows the supplier base to gain new serious leads from the system. TelcoSource then send the RFP invite to both the current vendors and "Selected Vendors" for a vibrant bidding solution. Suppliers who have invested heavily in their brand are positioned to do particularly well with the new feature. A recent buyer said "I know several of these companies by name and would be happy to buy from them, I just don't have a contact at that company. TelcoSource has enabled me to add these quality vendors to my event. That is an excellent feature."
Again, registration and use of the TelcoSource platform is free to both buyers and vendors. Suppliers only pay a commission when the platform generates real revenue for them. Since suppliers often get invitations from the new feature, its a pure win as we know with certainty that the vendor would not have even been invited or known about the opportunity if not for the TelcoSource "Selected Vendor" feature. We invite you to try it today.

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