Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kit gets into Social Media and Multi Screen Play

So I find myself blogging on Kit Digital (KITD)again. Not my initial intention but they've gone again and made another set of strategic acquisitions in the video and social media space. There seems to be a solid consolidating effect around Kit. Innovative companies seem eager to be acquired, take stock and remain part of the management team. All good signs. With many enterprise customers trying to figure out their social media, web presence, Utube for the enterprise and video strategy; it looks like Kit continues to put together the pieces of the puzzle to benefit from the growth of video on the Internet. The part I like alot is that Kit continues to be profitable and these 3 acquiusitions are accretive. How long before Kit gets taken out? Who will in be? New school players like Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc. Or will we see an old school Cable Operator try to advance their multi screen strategy and defend their TV based video business.

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