Sunday, February 6, 2011

What is UTube for the Enterprise?

Fascinating panel at IT Expo regarding YouTube for the Enterprise. Clearly was news to me that major corporations were setting up in house video content management systems which set policy and allowed employees to create and post video content for other employees to view. Seems many employees were posting sensitive info on public and corporations felt they needed to harness the movement and provide employees a way to share information within the corporate cocoon. Microsoft, ATT and Accordent Technologies were represented on the panel. Each spoke about a vibrant internal (akin to video intranet) system which they created to encourage and allow for internal communication by video. Applications ranged from training videos to product development announcements to taping meetings to CEO communications.

My immediate reaction and concern was in regards to how publicly traded corporations like Microsoft and ATT were monitoring the risk of sensitive information becoming public via these systems. Either via a cyber breach of the system or via employee dissemination outside the corporate community. It seems to me that stock traders, hedge funds, etc would love to gain access to a YouTube for the  Enterprise system for the stocks they cover. How many little tid-bits of information could they gain? I was a bit amazed that this trend had gotten so much traction in major firms without a major breach being publicized. I asked the panelists and the responses ranged from "We have strict corporate policies" to "Our employees were already posting to public YouTube and we needed to do this to get control of it" How hard is it to manage the unapproved dissemination to YouTube of corporate information I wondered? Seems you make it a fire able offense to do it and then you enforce it. Most corporate execs know when they can or can not speak to the press, so why is it so hard to determine that it is inappropriate to post videos regarding corporate business to the public Internet without approval from legal and corporate communications? Enterprise UTube systems seem to me to be opening Pandora's box. I'm amazed that huge bureaucratic, publicly traded and risk averse companies such as ATT and Microsoft seem so comfortable with the new format. I predict we'll here stories in the future about how information was leaked, systems compromised etc. I think that the Enterprise UTube systems may be confusing to the average employee. If you are doing a video that 5000 other employees can view: are you speaking publicly or privately? The following vendors are selling systems or services which allow companies to set up private YouTube:  Google, Microsoft, Accordent and Veodia.
Seems like something to watch and rolls back into our previous post on the rise of video content on the Internet. This seems to be one movement which will generate lots of corporate content. I'm sure the SEC and Class Action attorneys are thrilled to hear that their will be lots of other discoverable data which they can subpoena.

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