Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday ITExpo

Heading to the show today to meet Contractual, Sidera and Hypercube. We have picked up many supply side members for TelcoSource at the show. We came in with a robust 55 and will leave on the mid 60s. Need to figure out if our buyers would want to procure conferencing, cloud services and unified communications via TelcoSource. Will put it in the future development group for discussion. Meanwhile registrations continue to pour in as a result of all the press we received this week. It is great to deliver a product which everyone sees as a win win. Buyers love getting a free e- procurement platform and our Alternative Channel leaders on the supply side love the solid RFPs delivered and reduced agency commissions. They can now give better pricing since the channel costs up to 70% less. Result happy buyers and sellers.

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