Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kit Digital (KITD) to benefit from Surge in Video on Internet

The IT Expo show had a special track on Video content. One of the presenters, Jim Byrne, SVP of Sales Engineering was from Kit Digital, a rapidly growing company which provides software and hosting of enterprise video content. The interesting part is that their software is designed to label, tag, keyword and organize millions of pieces of video content in a way that then allows the user to easily search, sort and find the video they are seeking. According to Cisco's IP Traffic forecast (link above) , by 2013 Video will make up 90 percent of consumer IP traffic (which makes up the majority of total IP traffic)  Cisco also sees mobile data traffic being overtaken by video, with 64 percent of total mobile content becoming video by 2013 according to Cisco report.

So with all this video content being created and posted, who will benefit. Well I'm thinking KIT will continue to grow exponentially.  With all this content being created and streamed, enterprise will need to organize it all. KIT has been acquiring its way to market leadership in this area and seems poised to be a big winner. (for disclosure, I've been folllowing KIT for a while and have a long position in the stock. What I saw at IT Expo only reinforced my original forecasts.  Ticker KITD on Nasdaq)

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