Saturday, March 26, 2011

Penetrating the Executive Suite for Sales Success

Do you know who the 4 most important potential clients are for your business? Have you thought about which accounts spell significant success for your business? If not, maybe its time to identify them and determine your strategy for bringing them on board. Most companies have a short list of key clients or partners who will have an exponentially important impact on their business. Yet many have not taken the crucial step of a) identifying them and b) formulating a strategy for landing\growing them as clients.

One of the key verticals at is our Strategic Account Penetration program. The program focuses exactly on the task identified above. We help you identify those prospects who have the potential to exponentially improve your business. We then lay out a strategy designed to penetrate those accounts at the most senior levels. We assist you in designing and honing your value proposition to ensure that you have the best change of converting the penetration meeting into a partnership or sales opportunity. Then we work with your direct sales team in the overall pursuit, signing and growth of the account.

It is important for companies to realize the impact that these strategic prospects have on their overall business fortunes and then invest appropriately. Investment means garnering the right resources and incentives to ensure that you are being properly represented at these accounts. Our program works with and alongside your existing sales resources, bringing years of experience and the deepest and most impressive network of executive contacts in the telecom and technology industry to bear. Best of all, the Strategic Account Penetration program can be implemented for less than the cost of one Full Time sales executive. The program investment will yield tangible results in a short period of time, as you begin to gain meetings and activity with the top decision makers at these key accounts. We are confident in our abilities, so all of our customers for this program enjoy the flexibility of a 30 day cancel at any time clause. To date, none of them have chosen to exercise it.

A current customer recently stated "This is exactly the type of activity we need in our sales program. We love how you usher us into the executive suite at all of our most important prospects, where hugs replace handshakes in the first meeting. The TelecomMarketplace program has both helped us improve our value proposition and allowed us to gain real strategic contracts with the types of customers who enable us to grow revenues, establish credibility in the industry and ultimately increase value to our shareholders."

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