Wednesday, June 11, 2014

GenBand Synergies 2014 Conference

I'm here attending GenBand's annual user and partner conference in Orlando. Unified Communications, OTT (Over The Top) and Sustainability are some of the key themes. Folks like GenBand are focused on revolutionizing the way we innovate on the web. They take a network agnostic approach. Get to the Internet and then we'll open up a world of possibilities. Working on an effort with GenBand to integrate the Avotus Usage Management platform into the GenBand SBC (session border controller) world. GenBand's CEO says that he is razor focused on delivery high quality sessions and increasing session volume. A session can be a phone call over SIP, web conference, text, messaging, web conference etc. More session = more money for GenBand. Similar to the Apple App Store approach…..GenBand is encouraging partners to develop applications, services and innovations which run over the Genband platform and ultimately increase season volume. Where do I want to take Avotus now as their CEO? We will provide all types of reporting and monitoring of employee activity on the UC platform. Not just voice calls, we'll extend our reporting to all sessions. Visibility, data management and cost savings. That's what Avotus provides to carrier and enterprise clients.

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