Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Multi screen Trumps Commercial Services at NCTA

The emphasis this year is all about multi screen viewing. Content providers are clashing with cable co's regarding how and who interfaces with the end user. Comcast and HBO Go both are trying to get on your iPad from different angles. Some MSO's are tethering your mobility to your residence network (TWC) while others are letting you access on any network (Comcast). Meanwhile HBO and Showtime are trying to demonstrate that Coax is not their only path to the end user. Fun times with the lawyers starting to get busy.

Meanwhile, Commercial Services had a low profile, to my disappointment, which is contrary to what we at TelecomMarketplace are hearing from our MSO clients. Also, the number of 3D demos was way down versus last year.

The other notation is that the iPad is ruling the show. Attendees, exhibitors and speakers are all talking about the transformative tablet. Other tablets will continue to lag as all product development and interfaces are iPad focused first.

IPad is also proving disruptive to corporate security with employees bring in personal devices which then start carrying corporate data on sync up.

We spoke to NCTA about helping them start a Commercial Services track for next year and may be engaged by them to help launch it. More to come.

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