Thursday, May 26, 2011

Activity Up Across the Board at TelecomMarketplace

My apologies to the blogoshere. We have been extremely busy at TelecomMarketplace lately and my posting has been delayed. Good news on all fronts. Our TelecomMarketplace Executive Sales clientele are having continued success penetrating the Executive suites of the largest broadand providers through our introductions. Better yet, our portfolio of solutions has begun to gel and mature to the point that we are now able to have multiple partnership discussions with these Executives which stem from an initial meeting. We are constantly moving horizontally and vertically within an account to identify the decision makers and position our clients optimally. We are now better positioned than ever to add additional unique and compelling clients to our Strategic Sales program and be able to position them with speed and purpose.

This week we participated in a user conference for one of our TelcoSource partners which allowed us to speak to the key procurement executives at the nation's largest chemicals and rubber manufacturers on their behalf. Additionally, we've been in deep discussions on behalf of our partners with several major CLECs and Cable Companies in the Northeast.

Lastly, work on a new website has begun. The new site will give our clients better positioning, improve the presentation of our capabilities and drive more lead generation for all parties. We are excited that this project is now on the move.

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